4 Trendy nail color combinations to try out


    UpdatedTrends.com: People who love to be stylish pay attention to the smallest details of their overall look. Women pay attention to their hairstyle, clothes, makeup and of course, nails. Spring is here, so now it is the perfect time to try out different things and add some colors to your nails. Here are 4 trendy nail color combinations you should try out.


    1. Black and white: These are the best colors which can be used as a color combination on your nails. The black and white color combination reflects elegance and style and your nails will make you look different from the rest of the crowd.

    2. Silver and navy blue: Blue and silver shades will look perfect on your nails. This color combination can be worn with different outfits and you cannot go wrong with it. These are also great colors to show off your romantic side.

    3. Pink and black: Black goes with any outfit and makes you look perfect for any occasion. In addition to that, it looks good with any other color when combined. Black with pink is a great color combination for a stylish finish.

    4. Purple and pink: Purple is always trendy and when it is combined with pink, it becomes even better and more stylish.

    Photo Credits: ALLW