3 Amazing berries and their health benefits


UpdatedTrends.com: There are a lot of different berries available and the good news is that they offer huge health benefits and can help us in staying healthy. Berries can be eaten fresh or frozen and you can add them to fruit salads, smoothies, oatmeal or cookies, depending on your preference. Here are 3 amazing berries and their health benefits.

Berries and their health benefits

1. Acai berries – These berries are one of the best you can add to your daily menu. Acai berries are delicious and sweet, but more importantly, they are rich in antioxidants which ward off a number of health issues, including cancer and heart disease. In addition to that, Acai berries can help in losing weight.

2. Blueberries – They are simply amazing and you should have them on your plate as often as possible. Blueberries are high in the anthocyanins which are able to lower the risk of dementia and also contain plenty of antioxidants which help in preventing cancer. Moreover, they are high in fiber, which means that they satiate your hunger and fuel your body at the same time.

3. Raspberries – Same as blueberries, raspberries are rich in fiber, which is crucial for healthy digestive function. They also represent a delicious and healthy snack and will keep you feeling full longer.

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