4 Ways to simplify beauty routine


    UpdatedTrends.com: Beauty is something that every woman is conscious about. We all want to look our best, whether at home or when we go out. Some of us are guilty of wasting our time in front of the mirror, while we could be doing other things. Here are 4 ways to simplify your beauty routine and have more time.


    1. Shampoo in the evening: If you shampoo and dry you hair before going to bed, this will help in saving previous time in the morning, when you are in a hurry to reach the office on time. Shampooing twice a week is enough for an average woman.

    2. Simplify eye shadows: Do not get too artistic when it comes to eye makeup. Using just two shades in the morning is more than enough and apply a neutral and light colour all over your eyelid.

    3. Condition during sleep: Instead of wasting plenty of time at hair spa salons, you can opt for a natural deep conditioning oil massage before going to sleep. Apply the oil before you go to bed and rinse it in the morning to get silky and soft hair.

    4. Do not pluck everyday: Everyday plucking can make your skin saggy. Plucking twice a month is just enough to get you going.

    Photo Credits: Lipsticket