4 Dieting rules you can break without guilt


UpdatedTrends.com: People who are on a diet often face cravings and feel the urge to break their dieting rules. However, not many people know that while on a diet, certain rules can be broken and you do not have to feel guilty about it. Here are 4 dieting rules you can break without any guilt.


1. Snacking: Eating between meals is usually considered a no-no. However, snacking is allowed if you do it right and most importantly, in moderation.

2. No bread rule: You can definitely have bread, but keep in mind it needs to be whole-wheat bread or flatbread. The refined flour in white bread and pastries is hard to digest, while whole-wheat bread has filling fibers which keep you feeling full longer.

3. Calories: Keeping an eye on calories helps in watching your weight, however, you do not have to constantly count calories which you consume. If you do decide to cut on some calories, reduce the intake of high-sugar foods and refined carbs and eat more fiber-rich and protein-rich foods.

4. Eggs: Some diets recommend avoiding eggs, but research has shown that the dietary cholesterol from eggs does not have much effect on the overall blood cholesterol levels.

Photo Credits: Hive Health Media