6 Makeup ideas for blonde-haired women


    UpdatedTrends.com: They say that ‘blondes have more fun’ and in order to have a great night on the town or simply look and feel beautiful in your everyday life, here are 6 makeup ideas for women with blonde hair.

    Makeup for blondes

    1. Defined eyebrows: It is important to better define you face, but this must be done without making it look unnatural. Make sure to opt for those eyebrow products which are one or two shades darker than your hair color.

    2. Improve eyelashes: The majority of blond-haired girls have pale eyelashes, so it is good to experiment with a mascara until you find the suitable one.

    3. Eye shadow: If you have a neutral hair color, keep in mind that heavy shades on your eyes stand out and will appear unnatural. Soft brown and gold colors look wonderful on blondes.

    4. Lipstick: Try to stay away from yellow-based shades if you are a blonde, as they simply do not look good. Pink is a good choice and even a bright red shade can look glamorous.

    5. Cheeks: If you are looking to get that ultimate glamorous look, a soft blush on your cheeks can do the magic. For a complimentary glow, do not forget to apply a highlighter.

    6. Smokey eyes: Blondes are usually advised to tone down their eye make up, but they can go for smokey eyes as it looks great on blonde hair also.

    Photo Credits: SheKnows