5 Makeup ideas for dark-haired women


    UpdatedTrends.com: Regardless of your exact hair color – caramel, deep dark brown or hazelnut – there are certain things that women with darker hair can do in order to enhance their beauty. Here are 5 easy and fun makeup ideas for all dark-haired ladies out there.

    dark hair

    1. Foundation check: Avoid putting on a heavy foundation, as it can become harsh against your dark hair. Light or medium shade of the foundation is preferable, while neutral beige with an even coverage can look amazing.

    2. Copper and honey shades: Pretty ladies with brown hair can try copper or honey shades when it comes to makeup. These shades work really well with chocolate brown hair and can work best with brown or green eyes.

    3. Bright lips: This might sound a bit bold, but it does make an effect. One can look stunning with a bright, bold and vibrant lip color.

    4. Plum shades: Shades of plum or violet work well with different shades of brown hair. This will work the best with green eyes.

    5. Navy shades: Navy is also a good color to match with dark hair. Navy-colored eye liner or eye shadow can look great with any eye color and will emphasize your brown hair in the best possible way.

    Photo Credits: Myfashion cents