5 Affordable gift ideas for him for Valentine’s Day


    UpdatedTrends.com: Valentine’s Day is a time when couples get the opportunity to pamper their significant others. Many times, partners get confused when it comes to picking the right present and for all the ladies who are still not sure what to gift on Valentine’s Day, here are five great and affordable ideas.

    valentines day

    1. Cake or cookies – A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Nothing can be more special than a cake you bake for your partner, as the sweetness increases with your love and is much better than any expensive gift.

    2. Items of daily use – Your gift can also be practical, not only special. It can be something like a new scarf or a pair of gloves, which he might have been looking to get for a long time.

    3. A framed picture – Pick the cutest picture of yours with your beloved and frame it in a nice frame. This gift will last for a lifetime.

    4. Gift a weekend getaway – Instead of a long holiday, you can also plan a weekend getaway somewhere nearby. This will be a good opportunity to spend some quality time together.

    5. Dinner – A home-cooked meal can also be a good idea. Set up a small table in the evening with candles and some flowers surrounding you.

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