6 Things to never include in your resume


    UpdatedTrends.com: The resume of a job applicant is the first and most important tool used to impress a potential employer or recruiter. Many job seekers are focusing on what they can include on their CV, but only a few think about what should be excluded from it. Here are 6 things you should leave out from your resume.


    1. Unnecessary achievements: Winning an eating contest or being nominated for a prom queen or king does not count as achievements and must not be included in the resume.

    2. Irrelevant objective: Do not sound too confident when writing an objective in your resume. Keep it as simple and as humble as possible.

    3. Do not include physical characteristics: Your resume is not a matchmaking profile where you can be free to include your physical characteristics. Keep in mind that recruiters are looking for your mental skills and are not bothered by ‘ripped abs’ or any such adjectives about your body.

    4. No pictures please: Do not include a picture of yours in the resume and add it if and only if you are applying for a role in a movie or TV.

    5. Private matters: Private matters and views are also a strict ‘no-no’ in a resume. Points like political views, religion, sexual orientation and marital status do not have to be added.

    6. Bad grammar: The most important thing to avoid is bad grammar and spelling mistakes, as these mistakes can have a significant impact on a person reading your resume.

    Photo Credits: CDN