6 Easy ways to protect your skin this winter


    UpdatedTrends.com: With the arrival of winter, our skin faces many challenges when it comes to maintaining its beauty and radiance. The cold weather can leave your skin dry and chapped, so here are a few things you can start doing in order to keep it looking beautiful.


    1. Use a mild soap: Instead of using harsh deodorants or antibacterial soaps, use mild soaps which are easy on the skin and do not take away its natural moisturizers. There are products on the market which are less expensive and are good for your skin.

    2. Reduce bath time: A long hot bath might be appealing on a chilly winter morning, but it can be equally damaging for the skin. Long baths wash away the skin’s moisture and make it extremely dry.

    3. Moisturize: It is advisable to moisturize your body twice a day, the first time immediately after taking a bath and the second time before bed. When you moisturize immediately after taking a shower, this helps lotions to absorb deep into the skin.

    4. Reduce usage of hand sanitizers: Hand sanitizers leave your skin feeling very dry and if you have to use them, then moisturizing is highly recommended.

    5. Ample sleep: Having a good night’s sleep is important for your overall health, skin included.

    6. Water: It is essential to hydrate your body with plenty of water so the skin can glow, in addition to reducing its dryness.

    Photo Credits: NewU