3 Ways to work out at home


UpdatedTrends.com: If the two of your New Year’s resolutions were to work out more often and to stick to a budget, there is one solution for both – at-home fitness. Instead of letting your unused gym membership continue to drain your bank account, start working out at home! Here are 3 cheap and simple ways to transform your house into a fitness heaven.

Ways to work out at home

1. Workout DVDs – As you are able to get a great full-body workout at home, there is no need to spend a lot of money on treadmills and weight machines. Determine what type of training you want and get some elastic bands and dumbbells for resistance training, while a jump rope can help in increasing cardio performance. In addition to that, do a little research and make sure to buy a workout DVD that suits your needs best.

2. Find a Group – In order to keep your workout plan on track, it would be great to find a support system, either online or offline. Ask a friend to join in on your new fitness routine or find an online community where other people are more than willing to share advice and offer support.

3. Use your gadgets – Smartphone apps can lead you through your workouts at home and they do not require any equipment, need little time and offer quick results. One of them is Fleetly, a free fitness app that turns exercise into a game by rewarding users and allowing them to participate in various challenges. You can also find plenty of niche apps which are targeting specific areas , abs for example. Same as with workout DVDs, it is all about finding the right app for your fitness needs.

Photo Credits: FitSugar