7 Small and effective ways to handle stress


UpdatedTrends.com: Even though stress is – more or less – part of everyone’s lives, we need to find ways that will help us in remaining calm and collected. Despite the fact that the upcoming holiday season is about being happy and carefree, it is bound to bring a certain amount of stress into our routine, so here are 7 simple and effective ways to handle stress – before, during and after the holidays!

7 Small and effective ways to handle stress

1. Inhale, exhale, repeat – Taking a deep breath will slow things down right away, which will help you in regrouping.

2. Make a list – Write everything down. A list will make you see things differently and you will be able to organize your time better. Plus, your stresses might not seem that bad after all as a list!

3. Step outside – Go for a quick walk and get some fresh air, it will provide you with more energy.

4. Turn off your phone – If texts and emails are the cause of your stress, turn off your phone for a while and especially before you go to sleep.

5. Reward yourself – If you have a lot of stuff on your mind and you have been working a lot, make sure to pamper yourself with a manicure, massage or a nice meal. You definitely deserve it!

6. Take a nap – A power nap will help you in resting and resetting and you will be able to handle more things by the end of the day.

7. Laugh – Watch some funny videos on YouTube, go through your old photos or call a friend who will cheer you up. Laugh it out, it will be good for your mind and heart.

Photo Credits: TheGrowingArts