3 Household ingredients for beautiful hair


UpdatedTrends.com: We are all striving to have healthy, beautiful and shiny hair and often purchase a variety of products in order to achieve this. If you did not know it by now, some of the most common household ingredients can do wonders for your hair, so try them out as you most likely already have them at home. Here are 3 household ingredients for amazing hair.

Household ingredients for beautiful hair

1. Virgin organic coconut oil – Coconut oil has the ability to reduce the loss of protein in hair, which is beneficial because our hair becomes brittle after a while. It can be used in different ways, including a pre-shampoo treatment, hot oil treatment, as well as an overall hair conditioner.

2. Aloe Vera gel – Whether you have thin and straight or thick and curly hair, aloe vera can be very beneficial for you, as it improves hair growth. In addition to that, it has 75 known nutrients and its alkalizing effects are responsible for bringing skin and hair’s pH to a wanted level. Aloe vera is also good for calming the frizzies and minimizing fly-aways.

3. Apple cider vinegar – An apple cider vinegar rinse does magic for your hair, so make sure to give it a try. You can mix one part apple cider vinegar and three parts cool water (though you can also change this formula if it does not suit you). Use the rinse over your hair after shampoo and conditioner and all the buildup from commercial products will be removed, leaving your hair shiny and soft.

Photo Credits: SheKnows