4 Signs of a healthy body image


UpdatedTrends.com: Even though the majority of us will easily find something that we do not like about our physical appearance, it is possible to love our bodies regardless of that. Maintaining a healthy body image is important and here are the 4 signs that confirm you are on the right track.

4 Signs of a healthy body image

1. You are not attached to the number on your scale – You understand that your health is not defined by one, ideal number on the scale and that there is a range of healthy weight for your age, height and body type.

2. You eat for nutritional value only – You perceive food as fuel and even though you appreciate a good and tasty meal, you choose the ingredients based on their nutritional value. You do not eat because you are frustrated, sad or bored and instead you allow your physical needs to determine your meals throughout the day.

3. You can indulge without feeling guilty – Even though you keep track of what and when you are eating, it does not mean you cannot indulge from time to time. Having a good relationship with food means that you can enjoy a piece of cake or your mom’s Sunday lunch without beating yourself up about it.

4. Your inner monologue about your body is positive – Having a healthy body image means that you are not judging yourself every time you stand in front of a mirror. This is important, because positive thoughts about your physical appearance extend to your overall thoughts about yourself.

Photo Credits: NZWomansWeekly