5 Ways to treat fever at home


UpdatedTrends.com: Fever is part of our body’s defense mechanism against infection and even though it is not classified as illness, it can become dangerous if the temperature surpasses 40ºC (104ºF). In most cases, we can treat fever at home and here are ways to do so, however, if the symptoms persist and you are still not feeling well, make sure to consult your doctor.

5 Ways to cure fever at home

1. Take a bath – A tub full of cool water can help you in treating your fever, as it will cool the skin, as well as evaporate as you soak, which will cool you even further. However, keep in mind not to use cold water because this might result in shock, while warm or hot water will only increase your temperature.

2. Sponge down – If you are not up for a bath, you can always try using a moist towel, as it will have the similar effect. Take small towels, soak them in cool water and then dab them all over your body. You can also leave one small towel or a cloth on your forehead, as it will ease the discomfort.

3. Lower the room temperature – Reducing the room temperature, as well as using a fan will help you feel more comfortable and will reduce your body temperature.

4. Remove layers of clothing – Make yourself comfortable and remove any excess layers of clothing, as bundling under blankets will only prolong the fever. Get rid of the comforter or blanket when you are in bed and use a light sheet only.

5. Get plenty of rest – When fighting against a fever, your body requires a lot of energy in order to heal itself. Make sure to limit your activities and sleep and rest as much as possible.

Photo Credits: She Knows