4 Ways to ease sore muscles after workout


If you are committed to your time spent at the gym, then you most likely know the feeling of sore muscles after a particularly intense workout. Even though they are a reminder that you are doing something great for your body, sore muscles are not pleasant, so here are 4 ways to relieve the tension.

Young Woman Holding Her Neck in Pain

1. Apply heat – A little bit of heat does a sore body good, because applying heat to muscles can boost blood flow to the area, which in turn reduces pain. Try using steam or sauna room, or simply soak in your tub at home.

2. Stretch it out – Even though stretching does not make the pain go away after a hard workout session, it can make new muscle fibers healthier and more elastic. In addition to that, a little bit of cardio one day after a grueling workout can warm up your body, improve circulation and ease sore muscles.

3. Get a massage – Sore muscles are the perfect excuse to finally treat yourself with a relaxing massage. It will help in relieving the pain and discomfort away from your muscles.

4. Cool off – As your body starts warming up fast after a cold shower, this improves your circulation, which also helps with the process of healing.

Photo Credits: Fitness19