5 Ways to achieve long-term weight-loss


If you are planning on starting a weight-loss journey, you will need determination and the knowledge of the right and healthy ways to achieve your goals. Here are five ways which will help you to achieve long-term weight-loss.

5 Ways to achieve a long-term weight-loss

1. Always eat breakfast – Having the first meal of the day is a must when it comes to losing weight. Having a nutritious breakfast in the morning can in fact activate your metabolism, which will result in pounds starting to drop. Opt for a breakfast that is high in protein and fiber, as you will have more energy and be full for hours.

2. Make changes to see a change – In order to see some positive changes on your scale, you need to say goodbye to fast food, sweets and sodas on a regular basis. Make sure to switch to a healthier lifestyle, which will include balanced and nutritious meals, with a small treat every now and then. This is not about dieting, but about changing your eating habits.

3. Eat healthy foods in moderation – Even though you will be eating plenty of healthy foods, that still does not mean they do not contain any calories. Pay attention to serving sizes, even for those foods that are great for you.

4. Be active – When it comes to losing weight, it is all about simple math – you need to burn more calories than you eat during the day. Also, do not think that working out enables you to eat more, as that will ultimately result in gaining weight. Keep in mind that you need to burn 500 calories each day in order to lose one pound a week, or if you burn 200 calories while on a treadmill, you will need to cut out 200 calories from your diet.

5. Stick to new habits – Once you manage to lose weight, you need to work on keeping it off, as losing weight is a lifestyle change. If you go back to your old habits, which included eating a big bowl of ice cream on the couch, the lost pounds will easily come back as well.

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