Nurse Hangs Herself After Being Bullied By Hospital Colleagues


Updated Trends: Nurse Hangs Herself After Being Bullied By Hospital Colleagues

A nurse named, Margaret Gettins, 50, who worked at the Royal Bolton Hospital, hung herself and died, for the reason that her bullied and had been called by names by her colleagues at the hospital. She had maintained a diary in which she had noted all the kinds of humiliation and torment that she had faced at the hospital. She was found dead by her husband, at her residence in Harwood, Greater Manchester.


Her husband found a four page note in which she had mentioned all the names that she had been called with at the hospital. But later after an investigation, it was found that there was no such things happening with her at the hospital. The hospital sources stated, that she was a very strong woman, and would not moan and worry about problems like these in her life. If she was facing such problem she would have told he husband and approached the ward manager with a complaint.

Today her family misses her, and they say she was a person that could not be replaced. According to her husband, she had lost all her confidence and she used to be very ashamed at times, she thought there was no one that she could approach with this problem. Her daughter, 19, says that she just misses her a lot.