Epiphany On 6th January, Catholics Around The World Observing This Day


    Updated Trends: Epiphany falls on the 6th January every year and it is a time which represents the period when the three Magi’s visited Jesus at the manger. This day is observed by all Catholics around the world, and it is a tradition that is important for many in the European countries. The Magi’s are also known as the three wise men who sent forth by Herod, to search the new born Messiah.


    The Bible says that the Magi’s were guided by shining star in the skies and according to the star the finally reached the manger where Jesus laid. It falls some two weeks after Christmas eve, which has been decided by the Roman Calender.

    This is an important feast to most of the Catholics around Europe, but not in Asia, rather there are many traditions that are followed on this day. The feast day is only observed by Catholics in the world and not by any other religious sects, this also marks the end of Christmas season in some countries.