Prince William To Marry Kate Middleton Next Year


Updated Trends: Prince William To Marry Kate Middleton Next Year

Prince William will be marrying his long time girlfriend Kate Middleton sometime next year, this announcement was made in context to the couple’s engagement. It has been reported that they will be getting married during next spring or summer as they have already got engaged on the 28th October. William, according to the Royal Charter qualifies to be the second in line to the Royal throne.

After his marriage he will be living in Wales, where he scheduled to serve the RAF, as he has pursued his carrier in it. They have been dating since eight years now, and they even had a break up some years ago but they eventually came back together.

The Royal family has been intimated about the engagement and also the future marriage, the Queen is really happy and excited about this news. William has also sought permission from Kate’s father to go ahead with their marriage, in short everything in accordance to their marriage is going on as per the traditions of the Royal family.