5 Natural ways of relieving headaches

Headaches can also be cured naturally without any medicines


Headaches can be caused due to a number of reasons. It could be due to stress, busy schedules, lack of sleep dehydration, irregular eating schedules or some underlying conditions. Majority of times it is caused due to lifestyle and stress related issues and can be managed with a few natural remedies. However, not many people these days have the patience to apply natural remedies and opt for over the counter medications. Here we will be discussing about a few natural remedies to deal with a headache in an effective way.

  1. Massage – Massages work like therapy and help to ease the muscles that have turned intense. Headaches can also happen due to strain on the muscles due to poor posture or an intense workout routine. Massages help to ease any chronic pain.
  2. Ice pack – Ice pack is a remedy that is used or a number of issues. Be it or your forehead or the scalp, can it can be used to provide immediate relief. While the theory is not much supported, experts say that the relief is provided as the blood flow is reduced. If you do not have an ice pack then you could also use a frozen gel pack.
  3. Lavender oil  – There are a number of essential oils that provide relief in a number of ailments.  You could dilute it with carrier oils and apply it to the pain points with a gentle massage to get gradual yet effective results.
  4. Breathing exercises – Long breaths also help to relieve the muscle pain. It further allows the nerves to relax and brings the focus of the mind to relax the muscles. You could sit in a quite place and take long and deep breaths.
  5. Indulge in relaxing teas – If you are not so fond of teas then you could also indulge in a  hot steaming cup of hot chocolate  that helps to warm the muscles and calms the mind. Optionally you could also opt for chamomile tea, dandelion or ginger tea that can be great in providing relief.

Photo Credits: Pixabay