McDonald’s bringing back McRib for the last time

McDonald’s McRib is set to have its farewell tour by returning to the menu for the last time


The McRib from the McDonald’s menu was one of the most favorite items on the menu of people. The good news is that the item is returning to the menu it could be the last time. This was confirmed by the fast food giant who said that it is returning to the menu on October 31, 2022. A statement from the company said that this could be the last chance for the people to taste it as it will not be sold on a national basis after its promotions.

McDonald’s added that this could be called as a farewell tour but is not exactly a goodbye but a way to say ‘see you later’. The statement also said that they could not say if the McRib would come back. The popular sandwich has a boneless pork patty that has been shaped like a rack of ribs which is smothered with barbeque sauce  and is placed in a bun. The price of the sandwich varies as per location  and is sold during the fall. The popular McRib was added to the menu near the Kansas City in the year 1981 but then the item was pulled from the menu four years later. But in recent times the sandwich has become one of the favorites among the loyalists.

The McRib was earlier sold regional wise and was later expanded all over the restaurants in the United States. To mark the farewell, McDonald’s is selling a nostalgic McRib merch line from November 4, 2022. Alexander Chernev a professor of marketing  at the Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, opined that seasonal items are an important marketing tool for the entire food industry. He also said that such exclusive products remain at place for a short period of time and gives people a reason to come back to the store.

McDonald’s has a trend of bringing back former menu items which means that it is unlikely to be the last time for the McRib.

Photo Credits: Pixabay