Sleep habits that you need to look out for

If you are doing one of these things in your sleep then you might have to seek medical advise


There are a number of health conditions that go undiagnosed and untreated which could eventually take over the problem of a sleep disorder. There are a number of factors that can disturb a person’s sleep. Apart from the external problems like stress, noise and anxiety there are also a few symptoms that you might be experiencing in your sleep and might not notice. Here is a list of physical symptoms that can appear during sleep and if you are facing any one of these then it is wise to take medical advise.

  1. Breathing hard – One of the symptoms of sleep apnea is when you are gasping for air in the middle of your sleep. Many times you might not come to know and some wake up when their breathing stops when the muscles in the threat relax and narrows while blocking the airway.
  2. Sleep walking – Some people experience this when they are asleep and is an undesirable behavior. This happens in the deepest stage of sleep and the brain is interrupted and brings the person in between sleep and wakefulness. This can be caused due to stress, fever or anxiety.
  3. Talking in sleep – This is a common parasomnia that does not have a known cause. This is common in people with mental illness  and can also be associated with sleepwalking and nightmares.
  4. Bruxing – Bruxism or teeth grinding is a problem when the person clenches or grinds the teeth in sleep. The person doing this might wake up to a sore jaw or a headache.
  5. Sleep eating – This is another sleep related disorder when the individuals consume food when they are fully asleep and are unaware of their actions.
  6. Frequently waking up to urinate – Waking up frequently in the middle of the night to pee becomes common as the person ages. But there is also a possibility that it could be a sign of something else.

Photo Credits: Pixabay