Justin Bieber cancels upcoming tour dates due to unknown health scare

Justin Bieber was expected to perform in Toronto on June 7 but was cancelled due to an unknown health scare

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American singer Justin Bieber was about to begin his North American Justice tour on June 7 , but was cancelled just hours before it was about to begin. The 28 year old singer was about to perform at the Scotiabank Arena at Toronto, but his last minute cancellations left the fans disappointed and surprised. The singer made the announcement through a statement released on his Instagram account and cited a mystery illness as the cause of the cancellation.

Justin in his statement expressed disappointment and said that he did everything to get better but added that his sickness is getting worse. He also clarified that he was rescheduling his shows that would be based on his doctor’s orders. Justin did not make any mention about the nature of his illness. He concluded his note saying that he loves his fans and that he would get some rest to get better. For now it is still not clear as to how many shows Justin was talking about for postponement. Over the next week, Justin was expected to perform at Washington D.C., Toronto and New York City.

The Justin Bieber tour has already faced a number of delays ever since 2020. At first it was obvious that the tour had to be postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic and later, it was postponed again when he tested positive for COVID-19 earlier in 2022. However, he had still managed to complete a portion of his scheduled performances in Europe and United Kingdom in February and March, 2022.

Most recently, Justin also dealt with a health scare of his wife Hailey Bieber when she suffered a stroke due to a blood clot in her brain. Hailey had later in a YouTube video explained in detail about her condition and diagnosis. The model had released the video as it could help other people who suffer from the same condition. Hailey has now confirmed about her recovery.

Photo Credits: Justin Bieber Official Instagram account