Ways to understand hunger cues for mindful eating

There are a few easy ways to understand your body when it is hungry and when it is not


One has to pay attention to your eating habits and pay close attention to your hunger signs. Your eating style and your hunger pattern helps to determine your health and will also keep you away from any guilt while giving you a happy relationship with food. There can be times when your mind might play tricks with you to confuse boredom or emotional turmoil with hunger. Here we will be discussing a few cues that will help you to differentiate between actual hunger and jus cravings.

  1. Rumbling stomach – A growling stomach indeed demonstrates hunger. The rumbling feel comes with a slight pain and that indicated that the body needs food. When the stomach becomes empty, the muscles of the gut contract and leads to a sharp pain. When you face such episodes, make sure that you are consuming nutritious food or you might end up in stomach pain or a headache.
  2. Low energy – Despite following a healthy lifestyle, sometimes you might feel low on energy levels and feel tired despite having a good sleep. This is also one of the ways the body asks for food.  Make sure that you are having enough portions of meal. When you have food, it should not make you feel tired but increases your energy levels.
  3. Trembling – When the body is empty and you have been for some time without food, there are chances that the blood sugar levels could drop and the body could signal with trembles and vibrations. This can also increase your blood pressure and cause a headache or pinning sensations in the head.
  4. Brain fog – When the body is deprived of food for a longer time, the blood sugar levels decline and this also deprives the brain of fuel. In order to function properly, the brain also requires food. Your thought process might become slow or you might become irritable.

It is best to listen to your body and what it is trying to signal. Healthy food is the key to a healthy body and less energy levels means that the body is deprived of food.

Photo Credits: Pixabay