Current situation of COVID – Places you should avoid

If you want to remain safe from COVID, here are a few things that you need to keep in mind


While you might think that things are slowly getting back to normal after going through a rough two years of COVID-19 pandemic, but that is not the reality. The virus continues to remain and is not yet been eradicated. A number of cases are seen in the United States and the new variants are spreading fast. While the world continues to fight the virus, here are a few facts that you need to know and a few things that you should keep in mind at this point of the pandemic.

COVID-19 in the current scenario

Currently the dominant strain of COVID is the BA.212.1 which is said to be 30 percent more infectious than the previous versions like the BA.2. The Symptoms of the new variant can vary from mild to moderate  and could in certain cases become severe while requiring hospitalization. You can catch COVID more than one time.

Reason for the sudden increase in cases

The new variants are highly transmissible and people who are not vaccinated or boosted are at high risk. Even the removal of the mask mandates by a number of governments across the country has caused the spread of new infections and re-infections.

Indoor places

Indoor areas are not always well-ventilated and can increase the chances of you contracting COVID. If you are at a gathering or at an event, catch a space where there is more air and it will reduce the chances of you encountering with the virus.

Parties and group events

Attending events where people have gathered at large numbers will surely put you at risk of being exposed to the virus. The risk will also depend on the vaccination status of other people.

Wearing the wrong mask

The traditional surgical masks are no longer effective against the current variants. Make sure that you wear N95 or K95 masks that have the extra layer of protection from the new variants.

Photo Credits: Pixabay