5 Early signs of ovarian cancer that should not be ignored

ovarian cancer

Ovarian cancer is usually difficult to diagnose and is almost tough t spot it in the early stages. Some of the experts have shared a few symptoms like back pain or changes in menstrual cycle that could be a red flag. Here we will be discussing about a five silent signs that could be a sure sign in women that could indicate towards ovarian cancer. Women who experience these, signs should talk to their doctor immediately.

1. Changes in the bladder function – It is important to pay attention towards your bladder habits as they speak a lot about your health. Look out if you are making frequent visits to the restroom or are having an urgent need to urinate. Also look for any painful bladder pressure.

2. Bloating – Bloating is a very common symptom and there could be a number of reasons for it. If you are having an uncomfortable feeling of fullness or swelling in your stomach, it could be a warning sign. Although, such symptoms could also be common due to a number of factors, but if it is happening frequently then it should not be ignored.

3. Constipation – People who otherwise have a regular and smooth bowel function and are suddenly facing a tough time constipating in the restroom, should not ignore the condition. It could be a sign of ovarian cancer and a consult is must.

4. Recurring pain – Unusual pain in the abdomen pelvis, lower abdomen lower back should not be ignored. While menstrual pain is usually normal, but constant and recurring pain should not be ignored by women.

5. Pain during intercourse – Intercourse between a couple is expected to be a pleasurable experience for both. But if the woman is experiencing any pain during the intercourse, then it could be time that she should get themselves screened. Apart from ovarian cancer, there could also be more underlying health problems that should be ruled out.

Photo Credits: Pixabay