Foods that should not be given to a toddler

Toddler is a stage of a child when they are getting more active and need the best nutrition


A toddler is a stage, when your baby is starting to become more active and is getting more energy as it begins to consume solids. Although the process should be gradual and you, as a new mother might be excited to introduce your little one to different foods, but you still need to be careful by avoiding certain foods for your toddler. You might be under the pressure to provide the best nutrition for a healthy growth of your child, but here is a list of foods that you should not allow your toddler to eat.

1. Peanut butter – It is surely nutritious, but large chunks of the food could pose a risk of allergies and could also choke a toddler. Although peanut butter is a great condiment that helps to maintain good cholesterol levels and also helps to maintain blood pressure levels.

2. Sugary treats – Now toddlers surely love sugary treats and would love to have them, but candies and marshmallows can pose a choking hazard due to its sticky consistency. Moreover, high sugar content can also pose a greater health risks.

3. Uncooked/undercooked eggs – There is a risk that undercooked/uncooked eggs can contain salmonella which could cause food poisoning and could lead to diarrhea, stomach pain and fever.

4. Refined grains – Refined grains are highly processed at plants which means that they are mostly stripped of their natural nutrients. You can opt for whole grains instead of the white flours that can are usually processed with bleach. Whole grains are good for the digestion system and have high nutrient level.

5. Large pieces of meat -Meat can contain saturated fats and the larger chunks can pose a choking hazard. If at all you are giving meat, then make sure that they are not undercooked or it could pose a risk of food poisoning. You can also give your toddlers well-cooked minced meat which is not just healthy but easy and safe for them.

Photo Credits: Pixabay