Tesla employees to remain in factories in China for work

Tesla will be maintaining the closed loop system for the employees working at the factories in China


As China faces a fresh surge in the coronavirus pandemic, fresh problems are churning out as the companies across the globe are trying their best to get back on track. One of the companies who is facing turbulence due to the lockdowns in China is Tesla. The company employees of the factory in Shanghai, China are being forced to remain at work after a three week long lockdown due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak. Tesla assured that it would be handing out sleeping bags and mattresses for the employees, who will have to sleep on the floor while also operating in the factory. Such an arrangement is called as the closed loop system.

Tesla is not alone in China who are eager to get back to work after the lockdowns announced by the China government to contain the new surge. On the other hand many of the multinational companies are pressurizing the government of the country to ease the restrictions so the workers can be back to the production and that would also mean that the workers will not have to leave the premises. A recent report has mentioned that Tesla has sent out a memo to the workers while informing about the upcoming conditions that they will have to work under.

Every employee will reportedly have a sleeping bag and a mattress and they will have a designated space for the people on the floor to sleep. Apart from that they will also have facilities to shower, catering and entertainment. The memo added that they will be given three meals a day with an allowance of 400 yuan or $63.

Apart from that the company will also require the employees to undergo the nuclei acid test once in a day for the first three days. Their temperatures will also be checked twice a day and they will have to wash their hands four times a day.

Photo Credits: Pixabay