Google ready to begin drone deliveries in full scale in Dallas

Google will be starting drone delivery services on a full scale starting from Dallas


Drone deliveries seem to be the future for the logistics. Tech giant Wing, which is a company owned by Alphabet (a Google parent) is all set to begin a full-scale drone delivery service at the residential homes in Dallas, Texas as soon as later this week. So far there are a number of companies including Amazon, Wing, Walmart and more that have already started the drone delivery service in the small markets for nearly a decade. After testing for a while now, the company is now all set to go public with the service.

Majority of the challenges were faced with the Federal Aviation Authority licensing which insisted that they could not go outside the line-of-sight unless they are being monitored by a human. However, the circumstances and the policies have not changed but the agency has hinted about the plans to relax the rules in near future. On the basis of the future relaxations, companies like Wing are planning to launch their respective commercial delivery services. This time it is in partnership with Walgreens in Dallas, Texas starting from April 7, 2022.

On the other hand retail giant Walmart has also launched a service in Arkansas with DroneUp and has also earlier worked with the drone operator Zipline. CTO of Wing, Adam Woodworth said that their plan was to begin small by covering only certain parts of Dallas-Fort Worth Metro before it rolls out to more of the region in future. The drones will be based at the local Walgreens store where the staff will be responsible to pick up orders and will send them to the local homes within 30 minutes of the order placed.

Experiments have been earlier carried out in the smaller towns of the United States which had a few thousand homes. Wing has also said that it has started to talk with the local Girl Scout troops as they were having a hard time selling the cookies during the pandemic, when only a few people were out.

Photo Credits: Pixabay