Second COVID-19 vaccine booster approved for older adults in US

The FDA has approved the second COVID-19 booster shot for the older people above the age of 50 in the US


After enough discussion over the second booster shot for COVID-19, the United States has approved a second booster for the population of age 50 and above. People above the age of 50 can be eligible for a second booster if it has been at least four months since they have had their last vaccination. The move has been taken to provide ample protection for the most vulnerable people amidst the coronavirus outbreak. The move has also been taken to protect the vulnerable against the new variants that are emerging across the globe.

The second booster of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration on March 29, 2022. The vaccine would be available for people above the age of 50 and for certain younger people who have a severely weakened immune system. It was the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention that recommended the second booster as an option. Millions of Americans are now eligible for the second booster vaccine. Dr. Rochelle Walensky the director at CDC said that it was important for Americans who are from the older age group.

The vaccine can be given to people who are 65 years and older while people who are above 50 years old with chronic illness like heart ailment or diabetes can also consider to have a shot. Walensky added that this is the right time to have the benefit of the second booster shot. Meanwhile, Dr. Peter Marks, the FDA vaccine chief said that there is an evidence that the protection from the vaccine can wane in the higher-risk groups and for them another booster can be administered that would help to save lives.

However, some of the experts have earlier opined that two shots with a booster still provides strong protection against severe illness and death from COVID-19 even during the surge in the winter season when the omicron variant was spreading at a rapid pace.

Photo Credits: Pixabay