Ukraine to launch NFT museum to preserve its history

Ukraine will be launching NFT that will have the timeline of the events that would be each accompanied by an NFT


Under the current circumstances, Ukraine continues to suffer as the Russian invasion continues. Alex Bornyakov, the Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation while talking to a lading daily informed that the country will soon launch an NFT museum that would help to preserve the history and statehood of Ukraine. For those who do not know what NFT is – It stands for non-fungible token and is build with the help of the same programming used for cryptocurrency like Ethereum or Bitcoin. They are created from digital objects representing tangible and intangible items that include art, collectibles, music, designer sneakers and more.

Borkanov has revealed that they are planning to build a website with the title Meta History: Museum of War, which will also have the timeline of war and will be called as the warline and each of them would be accompanied by a corresponding NFT. Every NFT will have a Tweet that would mark the significant moment in the war. They will also have illustrations from a number of Ukrainian artists. For instance, one NFT has a Tweet from NATO while calling to Russia to bring an end to the invasion on Day 3 of the war and it happened at 4:40 pm Ukrainian time. The event was depicted by a graphic with a compass with a bullhorn attached and was illustrated by the artist Alina Kropachova.

For now only the first three days of the war has been recorded but it has been more than a month since the unprovoked invasion from Russia started. The NFTs will go on sale from March 30, 2022 staring from 0.15 ETH and is currently valued at nearly $475. The proceeds generated from the NFTs would be directly sent to the Ministry of Digital Transformation.

The move by the Ukrainian government has proved that anything can be immortalized with the help of the blockchain technology. The project is being implemented after a number of successful fundraising campaigns that were undertaken with the help of NFT.

Photo Credits: Pixabay