British Airways warns passengers to wear masks for 50 destinations

Despite scrapping of the mask wearing mandate, British Airways says the passengers will have to use face coverings for 50 destinations

British Airways

As the coronavirus pandemic has significantly slowed down across the globe, British Airways had recently announced that it would scrap the mask requirements on the flights. But now the airline is warning people that they will have to wear the mask if they are travelling to 50 destinations. The customers of British Airways will have to wear a mask if the destination requires it. The airline has listed the places where it is still unsure if the masks are required.

The website of the airline has mentioned that 50 destinations that include Greece, United States, Germany and Italy require the passengers to wear a mask. It has also mentioned that for the places where they are unsure about the local restrictions, they will still require the passengers to have face coverings and would also expect the passengers to carry the masks for the duration of the journey. The website has further mentioned that the airports in Wales and England do not require to wear masks but they will have to ensure that the customers follow the local restrictions. The passengers will have to check before flying the route for the rules that they will have to follow.

The statement also said that for the destinations where the face coverings is not mandated, the passengers would be able to make a personal choice and would also expect people to respect other people’s preferences. A number of airlines in recent times including, EasyJet, Jet2, TUI and more have dropped the mask wearing requirement. The announcement was made after Heathrow had made the announcement that wearing of face masks would no longer be mandatory for the passengers from March 16, 2022.

The travel sector is now slowly recovering with more people venturing out for holidays. The airlines are also gearing up and are ready to welcome passengers on board and make up for the loss they faced during the early COVID-19 pandemic.

Photo Credits: Pixabay