Pfizer recalls blood pressure medications

Pfizer has recalled three of its blood pressure medications due to concerns of high levels of carcinogens


Pharma giant Pfizer has recalled three of its blood pressure medications due concerns that they could be tainted with a potential carcinogen. The distributors and wholesalers are ordered to stop use and distribution and quarantine the drug on an immediate basis. The company has recommended that people who are using the medications should consult their doctors about an alternative treatment option. The drug in question by Pfizer is Acceretic and its two generic versions that are distributed by Greenstone.

The medications that are mentioned above are used to treat hypertension that increases the risk of fatal cardiovascular events like strokes. The recall announced by the company is voluntary in nature. The company has said that the tablets could contain higher levels of nitrosamines that can pose a cancer risk. However, Pfixer in a news release has assured that there is no immediate risk to the patient who is taking the medication. The new release added that nitrosamines are usually found in dairy products, grilled meats and vegetables and everyone is at some point exposed to nitrosamines. The statement added that such impurities can increase the risk of cancer it the consumer is exposed to it above the acceptable levels for a longer time.

The nitrosamines could get introduced unintentionally due to certain chemical reactions during the production of the medications. Pfizer has also clarified that so far it does not have any reports of adverse effects resulting from the use of the medicines. The release added that the products have a safety profile that has been established over more than 20 years.

The problem of high blood pressure is a common condition that affects people across the globe due to a number of factors. People over the age of 30 are also getting affected due to the condition, mostly due to lifestyle factors or genetic factors. With the rising number of people with hypertension, more number of people are depending on the medications.

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