Ways to help a person undergoing mental stress

Mental stress has become a common phenomenon among people but it also requires urgent attention

Mental stress

Post pandemic a number of people might be going through a tough time due to a number of reasons. There could also be times when you might come across people who might be dealing with some kind of mental stress and would not know how to help them. If you are facing a similar situation and are not aware of how to help them, here are a few tips that you could follow.

1. Be a good listener – There is nothing more soothing than a person who would listen to what you say. You just have to sit and listen and let them pour their heart out. You could ask a few questions related to their issues or just ask ‘Whats Happening?’ or ‘How long have you been facing this?’. These are soothing statements and allows them to trust you.

2. Encourage self-care – Now that you have been a good listener, you could talk to them about self-care. You could talk to them about meditation and other ways of de-stress. Also encourage them to exercise and getting some good sleep as these actors help to deal with mental stress.

3. Do not compare their experience with others – The moment you do this, they would instantly have the feeling that you are being judgemental. You have to talk things from their perspective and not yours. They need to feel better and be encouraged.

4. Know about your limits – No matter how openly you might have talked to the person in crisis, it is also important to know about your own limits. Do not get flowed and get too comfortable and talk something that might hurt them unintentionally.

5. Be attentive – People who are undergoing mental stress are unpredictable which means that you need to pay extra attention towards their behavior. If needed, you could take the person for a therapy or get them counseled from a professional.

Photo Credits: Pixabay