Pfizer would continue to supply medicines to Russia

Pfizer has said that it would put the patients first by supplying medicines in Russia


Pharma giant Pfizer has said that it will continue to supply medicines to Russia despite the fact that it would face opposition for the country’s invasion in Ukraine. The U.S. based pharma giant added that the voluntarily pausing the flow of medicines would violate its policy of putting the patients first. The comp any continued to defend by saying that some of the medicines are used for critical diseases like cancer and cardiovascular therapies and pausing the flow of these medicines would mean patient suffering and could also lead to loss of lives particularly among the children and elderly.

At the same time the business of the company would surely be affected in the country in order to show its support for Ukraine. Pfizer said that the company stands tall with the global community across private, public and the civil societies and also opposes to the Russian war against the European country. It added that it is also against the brutal situation that has been created by Russia. Pfizer said that it will be donating all the profits from the Russian subsidiary to the causes that will support Ukraine to show support for the country.

The company has also said that it does not have any manufacturing units in Russia, but has stopped any planned investments with the local suppliers. Pfizer has also said that it will stop initiating the fresh clinical trials in Russia and will halt any recruitment efforts for the clinical trials to be conducted in the country.

Pfizer is also planning to work with the regulators including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to help with the transition of all the current clinical trials to some of the alternative sites outside Russia. In the meantime, Pfizer has assured that it will continue to provide the needed medicines to the patients who have already enrolled in the clinical trials. All the profits from the medicines sent to Russia would be used to strengthen and support the Ukrainians in crisis.

Photo Credits: Pixabay