Things to avoid while in a new relationship

A new relationship is like a thread that can break off easily if not handled with care


A new relationship is surely always full of bliss and happiness. Things are new and exciting for the couple as they continue to get to know more about each other. It has to be noticed that a number of relationships come to an end within a few months as they get to know about the deeper details of each other. There are a number of factors that help to make a relationship better and strong. But there are still a number of things that you should avoid doing in the initial stages of the relationship.

1. Do not compare your partner to your ex – This is the last thing that you partner might want to hear from you. Surely your partner might be a great person, but comparing them to your current partner is completely unfair. When you do this, that would mean that a part of you is still stuck with your past and would prevent you from giving your hundred percent to your new relationship.

2. Hiding details or information – Transparency is important to keep the relationship strong and bonding. Although you need not share every single detail about your life, but hiding or keeping secrets in a relationship would not be fair. If you are not ready to reveal about your secret now, then you might take some time, but eventually, you would need to be honest.

3. Telling the world about your relationship –While there is nothing to hide, but too much presence on the internet through social media sites could seem like you are rushing in to things. Make sure that you remain a little private about your personal matters and keep it to yourself. You might end up being embarrassed if the relationship does not workout.

4. Do not play with emotions – There could be a point when you might feel the urge to make your partner feel jealous by not responding to their texts. But this might turn off the other person’s feelings as it sends out the wrong message.

Photo Credits: Pixabay