Foods to eat after recovering from COVID-19

After you have recovered from COVID-19 it is essential that you take good care of your health


COVID-19 takes a toll on the body. Once a person is infected, the virus targets a number of organs in the body while leaving them feeling lethargic, tired and powerless. Recovery from COVID does not mean that things will get better on its own. You will have to take extra efforts and make sure that you are eating right to help the body recover. Here are a few foods that you need to include after you have recovered.

1. Chick peas (sprouted) – Chic peas as such is a great source of protein, but their properties double when they are consumed sprouted. The sprouted version contains amino acids that aids in digestion when compared to the unsprouted ones. These also have low levels of phytic acid that allows the vitamins and minerals to be easily absorbed.

2. Pomegranate – Pomegranate can be called as the power fruit and are rich in punicic acid and punicalagins. Both of them contain high levels of anti-oxidants. This fruit also helps the digestive system to recover while increasing the concentration of nitrates in the blood. People who suffer from joint pain and swelling also recover fast by consuming pomegranates.

3. Ginger – Ginger is otherwise traditionally used for fighting flu and contains shogaols and gingerol. It also helps to control high blood sugar levels which is a common symptom post COVID recovery. Ginger juice can be consumed that soothes a sore throat and reduces mucus. It is also a natural prebiotic which is healthy for the gut health.

4. Almonds – Almonds contain oleic acid that help in stabilization of high blood sugar levels and also helps to fight inflammation. People who have had a hard time recovering can count on consuming at least ten to 20 almonds per day. It also contains Vitamin E and magnesium that helps to increase energy and muscle strength. The dry fruit also helps to have a sound sleep and reduces stress related issues.

Photo Credits: Pixabay