4 Ways of celebrating Valentine’s Day in a long distance relationship

Make your Valentine’s Day special even if you are in a long distance relationship

valentine's day

Valentine’s Day is just round the corner and would be an opportunity for people to express and celebrate their love with their loved ones. While people are already excited about it, there are still couples and loved ones who are in a long distance relationship. Long distance relationships are often frustrating for the couples themselves and such occasions makes them miss their partners more. But here we will be sharing a few ideas that can help such couples in long distance relationships to celebrate Valentine’s Day together.

1. A virtual date – A virtual date would be a great way to bond on Valentine’s Day. This would certainly not replace with the feel of having your partner by your side, but would be some way to be together. You can make the moment romantic by dressing up with your best outfits, candles, wine and some music to keep company. Have dinner together and discuss about what you could have done if you were actually together.

2. Send gifts – Sending gifts for the person you love is a great reminder that they are still being loved, remembered and missed. There cannot be more special than a special handwritten note with a romantic message while expressing your true feelings. You can send across something that they wanted to have since a long time.

3. A watch party – You might be miles apart but you can still enjoy a movie together. Some of the OTT apps like Netflix offer watch party options that allows the users to watch a movie together. Here you do not have to worry about pressing the play at the same time. It is a great way to spend time with your partner.

4. Surprise your partner by showing up – Imagine your partner’s face when you suddenly turn up at their door. You just have to dress up, grab a bunch of roses, arrive at the door of your beloved. This way you can spend the next few hours holding your partner’s hands on the special day.

Photo Credits: Pixabay