Facts that you need to know before carrying a pepper spray

A pepper spray is a product that can be used by women for defense purpose when in danger

pepper spray

A pepper spray is a great product that can be carried by women who commute often in public or private transports. However, if you are considering to have one in your purse, there are a few facts that you need to be aware of. The advantage is that you could be saved from a potential harm while at a public or a private place. Here are a few facts that you need to know about carrying a pepper spray.

1. Permissions – Different countries have different rules about carrying a pepper spray with you. While some countries allow individuals to carry one, but the manufacturers need to have a government license to make them. You need to check with your local authorities about the permission and if they are legal to carry.

2. Size of the product – You need to decide the size of the product that you will want to carry. If you do not want to have a bulky product with you, there are also key-chain sized ones that you can opt for. A compact size pepper spray can be ideal to be carried in a purse.

3. Ingredients – The pepper spray contains inflammatory agents that are extracted from chilli peppers. When it is sprayed, it causes burning sensation on the skin and in and around the eyes of the attacker. The spray can also cause cough and shortness of breath.

4. Other uses – Apart from using the product on the potential attackers, they can also be used to protect from any animal attacks.

5. You need to know about its nature – If you are carrying a pepper spray in your purse, you need to know about its effects as well. You also need to know about the right way to use and the dangers if you decide to abuse it. The users will also have to first test it and need to take the right precautions while they are testing it. You also need to know what to do if you get pepper-sprayed yourself.

Photo Credits: Pixabay