Simple everyday tips that can make life easier

A few simple tips can help you to rectify things that we were doing wrong so far


There are a number of habits that people have been following without realizing that there is in fact better ways to do them to make them better. There should always be room for rectification and improvements that make life simpler and better. Here are a few everyday tips that can help to simplify some of your everyday routine.

1. Ice-cream in zip-lock bag – We often tend to save some ice-cream from an ice-cream container for the next day. But then you find it rock hard that makes it tough to scoop out. Here you can store the entire ice-cream box in a zip-lock bag as it keeps the ice-cream soft and prevents it from hardening.

2. Application of moisturizer – When you apply moisturizer to the skin, it should not be rubbed but tapped. Before applying it on the skin, you can rub the product in between your palms to warm it up before you apply to the skin for better skin absorption.

3. Cleaning a blender – The easiest and the most effective way to clean a blender is to put a few drops of dishwashing liquid in the jar with water and let it run for ten seconds. Pour the water out and then rinse it with water and it is ready to be used again.

4. Roll the clothes while packing – While packing your suit case, make sure that you roll the clothes that helps to accommodate more items in your suitcase.

5. Slice the bread up-side down – While slicing the bread with a bread knife, make sure that you turn the bread up side down as it makes it easier to cut that way.

6. Breathe from your abdomen – While practicing breathing exercises, make sure that you breathe through your belly and not from your chest. It is said to be the most efficient way to breathe as it helps oxygen circulation throughout the body in the most effective way.

Photo Credits: Pixabay