4 Easy and healthy ways of offering your partner some space

Offering space for your partner is important as you do not want to feel or make your partner feel cramped in a relationship

couple space

Giving your partner some space in a relationship has always been a topic of argument. While some people do not believe, a number of people do struggle but try their best in doing so. It can be said that it is not easy to allow your partner to have his/her own space especially after you have been really close to each other for a long time. Here we will be discussing a few easy ways you could actually give some space to your partner.

1. Do not take it personally – it is not right to blame yourself or your partner for the circumstances. You and your partner deserve the best in life and need to find ways that would make you happy at things that you not necessarily do together. You might feel bad initially, but try looking at your life from an individual perspective also. There are a number of things that you can do as an individual and not necessarily with your partner. That does not make you single but you still remain together.

2. Do not take it too far – Offering space does not mean you be rude. It does not mean that you ignore them completely. Offering space does not leave you from the responsibility of being supportive. Make sure that you come back home with a smiling face and not sulk. Express your happiness that you had a great time or you were happy that your partner had some alone time.

3. Do your own thing – if you have decided to offer space to your partner, then this is also a time when you can do your thing. Take up a few hobbies that you always wanted to pursue. Visit and catch up with some of your friends.

4. Decide the frames – This is an important part as you also need to set a few boundaries. You have to clarify and set the limit as to how far you would tolerate the space or when it would be the right time to hit the panic button.

Photo Credits: Pixabay