3 Health mistakes to avoid in 2022

Let the year 2022 be a year of good health for you and avoid a few mistakes you made earlier

health mistakes

While we have waved a good bye to 2021, the year 2022 comes with new challenges. The pandemic is still here and the omicron variant posing a new threat as it is touted to be highly contagious. Amidst such a time, it is important to be immune from such virus and up your body immunity levels. While the past few years has taught us the importance of being strong and maintaining good health, here are a few more things that you need to avoid as you look forward to 2022.

1. Not having a balanced diet – While many people are already avoiding processed food and have switched to home-cooked and healthy food, it is also important to have a balanced diet. While many people might have deprived themselves of certain foods which actually provide them with essential nutrients, the fact is that a good balance in diet is essential for good health. For instance people who avoid carbs, should know that certain amount of carbs is needed for the body in the form of energy.

2. Encouraging stress – We all have to accept the fact that it is not possible to avoid stress completely. But there are indeed ways to deal with it. It is not also healthy to pile up your emotions as it can lead to health issues. Stress can lead to a weak immune system, heart diseases and weight gain. But certain activities like yoga, meditation or just 30 minutes of moderate exercise can help you to deal with everyday stress.

3. Over-exertion –Now that we are talking about keeping fit, that does not mean that you test your body’s capacity. Half an hour to 45 minutes of exercise for five days a week can be sufficient. Moreover, do not think it as a punishment, instead have fun while you are exercising. Listen to music or just dance like no one is watching.

Photo Credits: Pixabay