7 Unknown benefits of using oil diffusers at home

Oil diffusers are now popular and not many are aware that they have a number of benefits

oil diffusers

Oil diffusers are trending and are found in nearly every house hold. They are slowly gaining popularity and have extensive benefit. While people might be knowing the basic benefits of using an oil diffuser, here we will be discussing about the hidden benefits of having oil diffusers at home.

1. Helps to control appetite – This benefits could be helpful for people who like to have a watch on their weight. Oil diffusers stimulate the senses in a way that helps to bring down the appetite. Usage of peppermint oil can help to curb the appetite as it introduces a sense of satiety in the body.

2. Mosquito repellant – Mosquitoes can make you sick. Using oil diffusers can be a safe way to ward off mosquitoes. You can use a mixture of clove and lemon grass essential oils that can repel a type of Zika carrying mosquito.

3. Pain relief – People usually apply essential oils directly for pain relief, but diffusing essential oils can also be effective. Inhaling the essential oils enters the blood stream and helps with internal relief especially with headaches, muscle soreness and more.

4. Kills bacteria and mold – The essential oils help to break down free radicals that contribute growth of harmful bacteria, when they are diffused in the air. Thyme, eucalyptus and tea tree oils can be used to combat the problems.

5. Helps towards decongestion – Research has shown that oil diffusers can help to cure pneumonia in lab mice. Some of the active ingredients that are extracted from eucalyptus tree help in decongestion of the mucus developed in the chest.

6. Stress reliever – A number of studies have mentioned that the essential oils like lavender helps it reduce stress and anxiety in medical patients.

7. Improved sleep – Oil diffusers have relaxing properties and help people to fall asleep quicker. You can also try mixing different oils to see what works the best. Some of the electronic diffusers have a gentle hum that helps to relax the mind.

Photo Credits: Pixabay