Signs that a person is slipping in to depression

Depression can seldom be identified but a few signs can indicate towards the issues


The term depression cannot always be very clear and could sometimes also be vague. While people in the current pandemic situation are prone to slip in to this phase, many might not even realize if they are depressed or if a close friend of yours is getting in to. It looks normal and cannot be usually caught. It is human nature to judge people next to you instead of trying to look in to what they are actually going through. Here we will be discussing about a few hints that can indicate that a person could be slipping in to depression.

1. Sudden withdrawal from social life – If you are coming across a friend or a colleague who otherwise has been a socially active person as far as you can remember, but has suddenly stopped socializing, then this could be a red flag. If you notice something like this then you can try to gain their confidence and make them talk about what is bothering them.

2. Guilt – There could be times when a person could constantly be blaming themselves and that could envelop them in to guilt. This can also lead to lack of confidence and it could be a signal that a person is slowly slipping in to depression. Try talking to the person about it and motivate them that they are not always responsible for things around them.

3. Lack of interest in everyday chores/activities – When a person, who is otherwise excited about everyday activities but is losing interest in things, then it can be considered as a warning sign. When a person is avoiding things that they enjoyed earlier it could be a good sign of depression.

4. Anxiety or stress – People who are slipping in to depression could be facing constant anxiety due to high stress levels. The person can also show signs of uneasiness, discomfort or is not able to focus on things.

Photo Credits: Pixabay