4 Myths about caffeine not to believe

Caffeine is good for the health in a number of ways


Caffeine is found in beverages and condiments that a number of people indulge in. There were many people who look forward for a cup of coffee/tea as they begin their day as it is the caffeine content that helps them with a kick. But there is also a group who do not prefer to indulge in this and have a notion about it. The good news is that majority of the notions are actually myths. Here we will be discussing about a few myths about caffeine that you should never believe.

1. Caffeine is addictive – One of the most common statements is that you would get addicted to it. The fact is that there are n studies that prove that limited intake of caffeine can make you addicted to it. However, it does stimulate the nervous system and people might feel a slight dependence but it is completely harmless. Consuming two cups of tea/coffee in day does not harm and gives no addiction.

2. It causes cancer – Again there is no scientific evidence to it as well. The fact is that a number of scientists have said that caffeine can help to prevent certain kinds of cancers.

3. Caffeine does not have any health benefits – Well! There are many to count. It not just helps to improve concentration, it also helps to give an energy boost. Many people find relief from certain kinds of headaches. Most importantly, they contain anti-oxidants that prevents from fast ageing and makes you feel and look younger.

4. Caffeine is not good for women trying to conceive – A number of doctors have said that it is harmless for pregnant women to drink tea/coffee in limited quantities. But there is no evidence that suggests that it is not good for women who are trying to conceive.

So tea and coffee lovers cannot rejoice, but again it comes with a warning that anything taken in excess can cause problems.

Photo Credits: Pixabay