6 Ideas to spend New Year’s Eve at home

With the omicron threat around, it is ideal to spend New Year’s Eve at home

new year's eve

As the pandemic continues, the omicron variant continues to be a threat due to its nature of being highly contagious. More than 96 countries across the globe have been groped by the new variant and amidst such a situation, it is advised to keep your New Year’s Eve celebrations low-key. The best way to celebrate and welcome New Year, is by celebrating it at home with your family.

1. Cook and share a new recipe with your family –There cannot be anything more special than spending the day figuring out how to cook a new recipe and share it with family members. To make things more special you can switch on some music to fit the mood and let the warmth of the moment fill your souls.

2. Play a board game – There are a number of board games that can go on for ages and never finish. To make it more special, you can grab a few snacks so you are not hungry in between the game.

3. Create a photo booth – One of the most happening trends is to prepare your own photo booth. All it takes is a bunch of decorations. It takes no time to set it up and click some amazing pictures to make the perfect memory to bid goodbye to 2021.

4. Karaoke night – people who love music, but are not more than bathroom singers can plan a karaoke night. Again you can grab some snacks and hot chocolate and let the evening begin with your favourite songs that you like to listen and hum.

5. Netflix night – If you feel lazy then the best thing to do it to grab dinner and snacks and switch on your favourite series or film that you were waiting to catch on Netflix.

6. Give yourself company – And when you do not have any company for New Year, then you don’t have to feel pressured to do something for the New Year’s Eve. You can just sit and meditate, rest and make the most of the alone time that you have.

Photo Credits: Pixabay