5 Thoughtful New Year gift ideas for friends

This New Year, turn up with a thoughtful gift for a special friend

new year

The New Year’s eve is just round the corner and this is the time when you might be wondering about what special gift you can pick up for your friends. Here we will be discussing about a few ideas that might come handy as you are planning to pick up gifts for a friend during the New Year.

1. Smart speakers – This can be a handy gift that can be carried around so they can listen to their favourite songs. It is a perfect companion for those who love to keep humming and listening to music while they are on the go. This can be a great gadget for a person who might also use it at home for knowing latest news and weather updates.

2. Polaroid camera – This can be a great gift for a person who loves to click pictures or has just started to pick up photography as a hobby. A polaroid camera is not just handy but is also a great camera that allows to take close-up shorts. They also look great easy to be carried around.

3. Scented candles – if you are not looking for gadgets and are looking forward for the mood of the season, then a pack of scented candles can be great. They come in various sizes, colors and fragrances. You can also attach a sweet hand-written note for your friend to make them feel extra special.

4. Lampshades – Lampshades are trending currently and come in a number of shapes and sizes. They can also be customized to match with the home décor. As a gift, you can select a pastel color that never fails or go for geometric patterns with multiple colors.

5. Plants – Plants is also ideal as a gift. You can gift a money plant, bamboo plant or other indoor plants except any kind of cactus. Indoor plants help to give a fresh feel to the atmosphere.

Photo Credits: Pixabay