2 Wedding trends that would continue in 2022 as well

COVID-19 forced a number of wedding trends and there are all the possibilities that those trends would also continue in 2022

wedding trends

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the lifestyle of a number of people cross the world. With work-from-home for employees, wearing masks in public, avoiding public gatherings and hosting intimate weddings have become common. Here are a few wedding trends that would continue even in future.

1. Intimate weddings – While not many people were fond of intimate weddings, it has its own perks. Due to the fear of infections, governments across the globe put restrictions on weddings and big gatherings. The good side was that people did not have to shell out their pockets or empty their bank accounts to entertain a huge crowd. Intimate weddings allowed a peaceful process, privacy and quality in every aspect. People can interact with every family member peacefully and not have the guilt of not spending enough time with guests. A low-key wedding would still be a good idea even in the future.

2. Destination weddings – People often imaging destination weddings as the thing of the rich and famous. But that is not the thing now. Things have changed and there are a number of destinations and resorts who offer a great deal for people who are planning their weddings in a different way and at an exotic location. The good side here is that the wedding would be amidst limited people and every guest would have the best time with no compromise in service.

3. Renting wedding outfits – Gone are the days when people spent a fortune on their wedding outfits. People have become practical and many people might give in to the idea of renting a wedding outfit for their big day. The idea is to avoid spending on an item which is never going to be used again and would remain in your wardrobe forever. Another innovative idea that the celebrities have started is to refurbish the wedding outfits of their parents. While a number of people might be against the idea, but the year 2022 could see a number of people follow such trends.

Photo Credits: Pixabay