Top kitchen gadgets that can help to make your mornings faster

Make your mornings more convenient and fast with these gadgets that will take convenience to another level


Mornings on a regular basis have always been hectic and hurried. A lot is happing during the morning hours as everyone is either in a hurry to get ready, make breakfast, clean up morning mess and more. While certain things would continue to take their own tenure, here are a few recommended new-age gadgets that can help to make your morning hours faster.

1. Ember smart mug – It looks like a regular coffee mug, but it has its own useful features. It helps to keep the contents of the mug warm for 80 minutes at a stretch. It comes with a charging pad and it can be controlled through an app.

2. Echo Dot – Having a personal assistant can be expensive, but an Echo Dot smart Wi Fi speaker does the same for you. It is equipped with Amazon’s Alexa that can read out news, weather forecasts and even provides traffic updates where you are about to commute.

3. Mini waffle maker – A mini waffle maker can churn out waffles, hash browns, chaffles and even biscuit pizzas. The plates of the waffle maker heat up quickly and is non-stick that helps to reduce mess. It can make your morning breakfast schedule quick and easy.

4. Bullet Blender – A bullet blender is a perfect solution to make smoothies in a jiffy. Taking out the entire food processor can be a task, but a bullet blender makes the process convenient and easy.

5. Coffee maker – An instant coffee maker is the thing that you need in the morning and is way faster than the drip coffee maker that has to begin its process in the night.

6. Egg cooker – Electric egg cookers are quick and can boil multiple eggs at a time. It can also help to poach eggs and make scrambled ones in no time.

7. Cordless electric kettle – An electric water kettle heats water instantly and is perfect for your tea or coffee. Make sure that you select the cordless versions as they are easy to be handled on the kitchen top.

Photo Credits: Pixabay