5 Foods not to toss in to an air fryer

The air fryer has its own limitations and some of the foods cannot be tossed in it

air fryer

Any food that is fried, indeed tastes good but is certainly not healthy as it has a lot of oil involved. But then came the trend of using air fryers that fries stuff with less to no oil, making a number of food items oily to healthy. However, the air fryer has its own limitations. Here we will be discussing about certain foods that should not be tossed in to the air fryer and should be cooked in the conventional way.

1. Battered foods – Make sure that the food that you are about to air fry is either pre-fried or frozen. Never place wet batters in to the device. It will indeed create a mess and also will not set the way you would expect.

2. Fresh green vegetables – Leafy vegetables like spinach will cook unevenly due to the high-speed air. When you are placing any vegetables in to the air fryer, make sure that they have some weight like broccoli or zucchini. You could try kale chips, if they are properly coated with oil that will weigh them down. The safest way is to use frozen vegetables.

3. Whole roast foods – The actual matter is if the whole roast would fit in the appliance. And even if it does, then it cannot be said if it would be cooked properly. It is best to stick to the regular oven. The hot air needs some room to circulate and if it is overcrowded then it can lead to uneven cooking.

4. Cheese – Placing cheese would only create a puddle and create a mess making it tough to wash the basket. The classic comfort food can be enjoyed after being cooked on a stove top.

5. Raw grains – If you are using rice and pasta, they can be made nice and crisp, but they have to be first cooked on the stove top. Air fryers work the best with dry cooked food.

Photo Credits: Pixabay